Now here's a kid whose whole world gone all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky.


Progression of my unfinished painting of Evan and Mir (?). I’ll finish it one day.

April 30, 2014

orik asked: What was your favorite time to play/release of ms? (i.e. kmst 1.2.148, gms 0.61) Do you resent or embrace the way the game's evolved over time with all the new classes and re works?

I don’t keep up with that. To this day I still play MapleStory. Why? Because I still enjoy it even though the game changed some systems for the worse.

Change is difficult. There are people who like change and people who don’t. 

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Anonymous asked: Which is better in Dragon Nest, Gladiator or Lunar Knight? Which would you recommend?

I don’t know. I stopped playing Dragon Nest a long time ago. You would be better off asking at the official NA Dragon Nest community board.

Flame Wizard has two Lv. 170 Hyper Skills: Cataclysm & Dragon Slave. 

This video shows you how it looks like. 

The Wizard! Will we ever see a male character?!

The Wizard! Will we ever see a male character?!


Revamped Flame Wizard/Blaze Wizard

Revamped Night Walker

missfadingobsession asked: Hi there! I noticed you're quite far along in MapleStory Village and was wondering if you can tell me how I use evolution stones on my level 10 monsters? I can't find information on it anywhere online or in game D:

Hey there,

I uninstalled and removed MapleStory Village a long time ago on my phone. I have no idea how to use the Evolution Stones, I’m sorry. 

I believe there is an English version available by LINE.